Adelina Cretu – Travel Manager

Travelling is the field in which I breathe and a branch of the economy in which I specialized, not just through my higher education and Master’s studies or through training as a certified guide recognized at a national level, but also as working in the hotel industry or as a volunteer within several agencies.

My career began 9 years ago and every year I worked for Tour operators or reseller travel agencies contributed to a significant development. ADV is the journey I began a year ago, the most important of my life. I was fascinated by the project UtilDeco Travel; I was enthusiastic and fully confident in its potential. I shaped it and helped in developing it in a beautiful and palpable manner. The puzzle became complete when we launched the WISE (Work Integration Social Enterprise) project – the newest and most daring traveling project developed by ADV Romania, a platform for holiday reservations which are more accessible compared to other online booking systems, based on a micro-financing concept inspired by Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Prize winner and on the hard work of a skilled, original and travel-instigating team.

We successfully got rid of the classical concept of a travel agency, developing our activity entirely online, thus answering a current and especially a future need. I coordinate the travel department within WISE, my team working with passion, applying knowledge and principles in their day-by-day activities, perfectly combining everything that is defining us.