Eugenia Popa has a Bachelor's degree in social assistance and a Master's degree in human resources management. She has post-graduate studies in social economy and additional certifications in organisational management, project management, as human resources inspector, trainer, in communication, counselling companies in view of integrating disabled people on the labour market, as specialist in social economy, in counselling and professional guidance.

After a period of roughly 2 years of involvement as volunteer, she was employed in August 2004 within the foundation as national volunteer coordinator, managing the volunteer's activity of the foundation's three centres. In the six and a half years as national volunteer coordinator, Eugenia Popa has developed her own style of management, coordination, preparation, maintenance, motivation of the more than 200 volunteers she coordinated directly in Iasi, regarding all the activities undertaken by the foundation, establishing in this sense good practice guidelines in the domain. Thus, Close to You Foundation's volunteering programme became known at national and international level. She held over 300 hours of training courses for young people, of colloquies, participated to scientific conferences, both national and international, on a wide range of subjects, such as volunteering management, fundraising, communication, peer education, communication for behaviour change, entrepreneurship.

Since October 2009, Eugenia Popa has undertaken the programme of human resources – employees. At present, she is holding the position of human resources manager with Close to You Foundation, as well as the position of employment adviser, being involved in ongoing projects as well. She is efficiently managing the Human Resources Department, being responsible for the recruitment and selection of the new employees, the training of the personnel, the provision of assistance, the programmes of professional training, internal communication and support of business activities.

She has a vast experience in employing people from vulnerable groups, including disabled people, hiring over 150 people since 2009 until nowadays. She drafts the files in compliance with the legislation in the domain in order to obtain from AJOFM Iasi the integration incentives for people coming from vulnerable groups, of disabled and unemployed people and of young graduates (over 60 files approved so far).

She is involved in the organisation and support of training courses in social economy, addressing specific subjects and emphasizing in particular the enforcement of human resources management within the social economy structures: human resources management in social economy in the current context, employment of disabled people or people from disadvantaged areas, opportunities/subventions given by the state when such persons are employed, communication, relationship with the institutions of the state, entrepreneurship, general aspects on social economy (concept, forms, current context, practical examples).

She has been a licensed trainer since 2004, with over 600 hours of trainings held both inside and outside the country and with expertise in auditing and counselling for integration on the labour market of disabled people, counselling and professional guidance, as well as mediation on the labour market. Other fields in which she can provide professional training courses are: training for the trainers, public relations and communication assistant, entrepreneurial skills, social entrepreneurship.

Our goal is the world in which professional skills go hand in hand with satisfying the needs of people in difficulty. For Eugenia, ADV represents Ambition so that the activities undertaken and the services provided would comply with a high standard of professionalism people professionally well-trained, able to live up to the desired standards,  Dynamism, passion and innovation in the programmes undertaken, the respect of the Values born at the beginning. ADV means with and for the people.

Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing”. John C. Maxwell