Igor was first “Alaturi de Voi” Romania Foundation, starting with the year 2005. He became very fond of the values of the foundation and in 2007 he applied for a position of project assistant and became an employee of the foundation. He graduated the College of Electro-technics – the Department of Economical Engineering at the “Gheorghe Asachi” University in Iasi and has a master’s degree in “Energy and Environment” from the same university.

Starting with the year 2015 he occupies the position of building administrator and is actively involved in maintenance and capitalization of movable and immovable property within the organization, as well as in the responsible procurement of goods and services.

Life is the totality of choices we make every minute and together with the other colleagues from the foundation he feels the activities we choose to develop together can improve the quality of living of people from different groups at risk.

His motto is a quote from Michael Phelps:

I believe anything is possible as long as your mind focuses on that thing and you dedicate it time and hard work.