Olivia Baciu is working in the field of local and international development, being consultant and trainer in the development of organisations/institutions and transition governance for the representatives of civil society organisations and of local and central public administrations and their partners, as well as for the coalitions and federations (multi-sector) of countries in conflict, post-conflict or in emergent countries. Olivia has experience and expertise in domains such as collaborative governance, local development, multi-actor change processes, organisational development, multi-sector coalition development and partnerships. She has worked in 24 countries from Europe, Africa, North America, South-East Asia and the Middle East, in development programmes financed mainly by USAID, the US State Department, the World Bank, PNUD, UN stabilisation missions in Africa and the European Commission.

Graduated in law, international relations and local development from universities in Romania, Belgium and Italy, Olivia has started her career in the central public administration, by working in 2000 for the Romanian Presidency within the Department for External Affairs. From 2003 to 2016, Olivia worked for FPDL Partners for Local Development Foundation, one of the non-governmental organisations leaders in training and counselling for the civil and public administrative society, contributing to its global impact. Olivia is continuing her activity in international development under the umbrella of Partners Global, an American organisation in the field of international development that supports the change and transformation processes at global level, contributing to the development of inclusive democratic societies.

Starting with 2009, for 6 years, Olivia was member of the FOND Board, Romanian NGO Federation active in development, ensuring a leadership based on FOND's mission and strategic governance. During her 4 year mandate as President of the Board, FOND became an actor with visibility and influence at national and European level, being officially recognised as strategic partner in the domain of international development by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As of 2016, Olivia is member of the Advisory Council for the Black Sea, organised by FOND.

In 2014, Olivia was named for a 3 year mandate in the Board of CONCORD, European NGO Confederation in the field of development, ensuring the voice and representativity of Eastern European national platforms, actively contributing to the consolidation of European development policies.  As of 2016, she is holding the position of treasurer of CONCORD, being the first woman to occupy such a position within the confederation.