At the beginning of 2004, I came into contact with Close to You Foundation, as a beneficiary. I found people determined to help for the better those in need. I was fascinated by the way they helped the beneficiaries with the problems they had and I decided that I wanted and could do more for those around me. Thus, I applied for the foundation's volunteering programme and in the summer of the same year, I became a volunteer for Close to You Foundation, where I began to develop different educational activities with the beneficiaries in the hospital, information campaigns in the community, to support the organisation of camps and trips for children and even the establishment of a Day School within the hospital, to support the continuation of the education process, including during the hospitalization period.

In 2006, within the 5th edition of the Volunteers' Gala organised by Bethany Foundation of Social Services, the results of my work as volunteer were appreciated, being named “Volunteer of the year” for the most active volunteer of a non-governmental organisation.

In 2006 I was also invited to adhere to the Executive Council of Close to You Foundation, as the beneficiaries' representative. Ever since, as member of the Executive Council I have developed several activities for the foundation's beneficiaries, as well as many interventions when their right to life was violated by the interruption of the treatment, including by appraising the People's Advocate, by adopting firm positions when the disabled children and young people's companions were not remunerated on time by the city halls in their capacity of employers, through lobby and advocacy for the acceptance of disabled people by the society as active members without discrimination, including by ensuring their right to health, education, social services and employment. I periodically brought a series of issues identified in the domain to the attention of decision-makers within various forums and conferences I used to participate to.

In May 2007, Her Royal Majesty, King Mihai I of Romania awarded me the Annual Hanno R. Ellenbogen Citizenship Award, initially offered to the King by The Prague Society. I received this award for my involvement in social causes.

I have graduated from the Gheorghe Asachi University of Iasi and the Gr.T. Popa University of Iasi, currently working in the health care system. I thank the beneficiaries, the volunteers, the employers and the collaborators for accepting me and for allowing for our beautiful growth together!

The future is in our hands, it's up to us how the world will look like!