Alexandru became part of the ADV Romania team in 2015, initially on the position of financial assistant, currently being an economist.

In 2015 he graduated from the Department of Economy and Business Administration in Iasi, majoring in Book-keeping and Financial Administration Software. In 2017 Alexandru obtains a Master’s degree in Book-keeping, Diagnosis and Assessment.

2017 was also the year when he accepted the challenge to coordinate the financial – book keeping department for 2 years, until our colleague, the Economic Director, came back from her maternity leave. It was a wonderful experience, with many new information and challenges he successfully finalized – from coordinating financial activities of the foundation, to the implementation and observation of financial and book-keeping policies and procedures and ensuring internal control for reflecting in accounts the financial situation of the foundation. Alexandru was also involved in handing in financial statements and situations to the National Fiscal Administration and collaborated closely with other departments within the foundation and partners in view of an efficient development of our activities. After these two years he became an economist, with new responsibilities and some of the responsibilities he had during the time he activated as interim Economic Director.

Another “project” he values very much is to obtain a certification from CECCAR – The Authorized Body of Book-keeping Experts and Authorized Book-keepers from Romania. He currently is an intern within this institution, attending classes with different university professors during which are debated different topics / situations encountered in financial practices, are clarified aspects regarding the drawing of practice portfolios and the conditions for accessing this line of work.

The things he is doing every day, all he is learning and will learn define Alexandru through the profession he gladly chose, the same that his grand-father used to have.