Build Social Ground

Description: Starting with November 2017, Close to You Foundation is part of the project “BUILD Solid Ground”, developed by a consortium of 14 partners from 8 European countries, under the coordination of Habitat for Humanity International Organization from Slovakia and financed by the European Commission within DEAR (Development Education and Awareness Raising).

The project includes several activities to lower poverty and to promote the access to decent living, aiming to encourage the active involvement of European citizens in activities for sustainable global development, according to objectives assumed at a global level.

The role of the “Alaturi de Voi” Romanian Foundation within the project is to develop awareness campaigns among pupils and students from the Iasi, Constanta and Mures counties with respect to lowering poverty, gender equality, decent labour and economic growth, the development of cities and turning them into safe and sustainable locations.

In addition, in order to bring as many global objectives as possible to the attention of the general public, ADV Romania will develop in the community flash mobs and photo exhibits will personalize a bus station and will distribute informative materials to the general population.

Also within the project ADV Romania will get involved in an ample advocacy campaign at local, national and European level focusing on the business sector, local and national authorities, the educational field (elementary schools, high-schools and universities), Parliament members, the mass-media – with the goal to cause direct changes through adopting public policies according to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development adopted by UN member states, Romania included, at the September 2015 Summit.

Financer: The European Commission within DEAR (Development Education and Awareness Raising).

Partners: At a national level, Close to You Foundation (ADV Romania) is a partner with the Habitat for Humanity Romania Organization and the Pro Vobis National Center for Voluntarism. At European level, our partners are Habitat for Humanity Organization from Slovakia, Great Britain, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland and the Dublin Institute of Technology, Engineers without Borders Organization from Ireland, Foundation for Africa from Hungary, Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia and Slovak Centre for Communication and Development.

Implementation period: October 27, 2017 – October 26 2020

Project value: Within the project, ADV Romania will administrate a budget of approximately 358.935 euro.

Impact: “The project topic is very actual, since the issues around housing will be topics for the public agenda for 2018 from at least 3 perspectives: the need for increasing accessibility to social housing for people from groups at risk; redefining the criteria for selecting the access to social housing and the methodology for granting emergency support for the payment of rents by people from groups at risk; housing issues concerning women who are victims of domestic violence, the functionality and accessibility of housing alternatives is such cases”, said Mrs. Manuela Iftimoaei, project coordinator and ADV Romania Programs Manager.