Direct Impact

The project “Direct Impact!” was implemented from 01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016, in partnership with Norwegian CARITAS Organisation and was financed by the grants SEE 2009 – 2014, within NGO Fund in Romania, Component 4, having a total value of 166.666,00 euro.

The project was designed to cover the deficit of specialised services for children and young people in vulnerable situations (disabilities, Roma ethnicity, migration etc) by developing an innovative and integrated package of social services in Iasi, Constanta and Mures counties.

The main objectives undertaken through this project were raising the standard of the quality of life for children and young people coming from vulnerable groups through the services provided by the day centres of Close to You Foundation, handling two innovative services – internship and job coaching, replication of a support service for migrants after the Norwegian CARITAS’s model and consolidating ADV’s competence in the domain of social services.

The complex and coherent solution package proposed for achieving the objectives has consisted of:

  • providing psychosocial assistance services, including employment therapy: 312 young people and children (between 3 and 29 years of age) from vulnerable groups, from Iasi, Constanta and Mures counties, have participated in social assistance and psychological counselling activities, educational activities and employment therapy workshops, within the three ADV day centres, thus, generating a wide range of positive effects at social and personal level.

In order to promote the services provided by the three day centres, an online video blogging campaign has been developed, with a significant impact on young people. The videos can be seen on

  • development of two innovative services, namely internship and job coaching, for people dependent on state and social benefits. 6 young individuals (3 with disabilities, 3 of Roma ethnicity) benefitted from the status of employee within UtilDeco, being given the chance to acquire a new set of skills and knowledge in domains correlated to the labour market, through the internship programme, developed for the first time in the field of social services. Later on, 3 of them received assistance in accessing and preserving a job on the labour market, being helped to earn their social and professional autonomy through the job coaching programme.
  • provision of information, counselling and personalised assistance services for people affected by migration. 55 people (Romanian citizens who had planned to work and study abroad, children with parents abroad, but foreign citizens as well (RTT), benefitted from information, counselling and personalised assistance activities related to migration within a new service replicated at Iasi, after the Norwegian CARITAS’ model and integrated into the foundation’s development strategy.
  • revision of Close to You Foundation’s strategy for the period 2015-2020 and development of Human Bow event for consolidating Close to You Foundation’s organisational capacity and visibility growth in the domain of social services.
  • FINANCER SEE 2009 - 2014, within NGO Fund in Romania
  • PARTNERSNorwegian CARITAS Organisation
  • IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD 01.04.2015 – 31.03.2016
  • PROJECT VALUE 166,666.00 Euro
  • IMPACTAs a result of the implementation of “Direct Impact” we learned that it is our duty to support the children and young people around us to preserve their interest in education and curiosity for the new, to see an opportunity in every difficult situation, to identify the strong points and take advantage of the surrounding resources. We believe that investing in social economy ensures the growth of the society, leading to significant changes; therefore, we will continue to invest in programmes for children and young people. Social and psychological assistance services, assistance for the people working or studying abroad, internship and job-coaching, are only a few of the resources we provided through this project and we preserve in order to help them build their future. The project has contributed to creating the premises for ensuring the sustainability of social services in the long run, following the intensive lobby and advocacy actions undertaken by ADV at the level of public authorities, in view of financing/subsidising or contracting social services. Coherent and consistent actions developed within the project consisting of important changes with regards to the financing related to Law 350/2005 and to the co-financing methodology of European projects submitted by NGOs to the County Council of Iasi and to the City Hall of Iasi.