Partnership for Inclusion

The project was introduced for a period of 23 months (December 2014 – November 2016) by a consortium of 9 institutions – Close to You Foundation as promoter, in partnership with DGASPC Iasi, DGASPC Vaslui, Social Alternative Association, Save the Children Association, COTE Foundation, Bethany Foundation of Social Services, Star of Hope Romania Foundation and World Vision Romania Foundation, with offices in Iasi and Vaslui.

The project was financed through “SINERGIES FOR THE FUTURE – young people in risk situations” within the Programme RO10 “Children and young people in risk situations: local and regional initiatives for reducing national inequalities and promoting social integration”. Programme was carried out within the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Space (EES) 2009-2014, with a total value of  3,559,231.01 RON, out of which  355,923.10 RON-  co-financing of partners as own contribution.

The objective of the project was improving the social and professional integration of young people aged between 16 and 29, from vulnerable groups in 4 Romanian counties – Iasi, Vaslui, Constanta and Mures – in particular in the countryside.

The project was oriented towards four large areas of intervention:

  • The establishment/expansion of new services/components by the consortium of 7 NGOs, partners in this project: 9 newly established services/components, through which integrated services were granted to 635 young people exposed to risks, aged between 16 and 29, 137 of them being young people of Roma ethnicity from Iasi, Vaslui, Constanta and Mures counties; 6 Summer Schools organised for 130 young people in the countryside of Iasi and Vaslui counties, designed to shape and consolidate certain personal, relation, self-knowledge skills and the development of independent life skills;
  • Raising the accessibility of young people in the countryside of Iasi and Vaslui counties to integrated services of prevention, diagnosis and specialised intervention through a pilot service Mobile pluridisciplinary caravan in the countryside : 13.064 young people from the countryside of the two counties, 2.102 of them of Roma ethnicity have benefitted from information and education services on sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection and drug consumption prevention, sexual education and contraception, violence and trafficking in human beings prevention, information on the rights of disabled people, equal chances, parental education, dropout, professional guidance and social and professional integration, entrepreneurship and volunteering, association for solving the community’s problems; over 20.000 km travelled by the mobile caravan through 223 caravans/routes in 174 rural communities in Iasi and Vaslui; promotional materials created (9500 backpacks, 9500 T-shirts, 9500 pens and 500 personalised jackets) and offered as prizes to the participants to the mobile information caravans;
  • Raising the level of professionalization of specialists in the countryside of Iasi and Vaslui counties in the integrated approach of the issue regarding young people: 10 study visits to partner organisations for  180 specialists (social assistants/workers and teachers) from the two counties; 100 social assistants and 100 teachers from the countryside of Iasi and Vaslui counties have participated to training courses on different subjects: `’Education for health`, `Prevention of alcohol consumption`, `Parental education`, `Prevention of trafficking in human beings and domestic violence`, `Counselling and professional guidance`, `Prevention of dropout`, in view of offering them direct support for the provision of quality services for young people exposed to the risk of social exclusion; 1000 guides addressed to specialists on good practice models in providing integrated social services designed for young people; 8 presentation videos of the services set up through the project and of the interventions carried out in the countryside through the mobile pluridisciplinary caravan; website page dedicated to the project;
    • Regulating the social services sector and consolidating the private public sector on the sustainability of the services: a functional intervention committee by referring the social cases of the community to the social services developed by the partners through the project; compiling two annual local action plans in Iasi and Vaslui counties, under the Law on social assistance, underlying the application of local strategies in the field of social assistance, inclusion of disabled people, violence and trafficking prevention.
  • Financer Mecanismului Financiar al Spaţiului Economic European (SEE) 2009-2014 - din cadrul Programului RO10 „Copii şi tineri aflaţi în situaţii de risc şi iniţiative locale şi regionale pentru reducerea inegalităţilor naţionale şi pentru promovarea incluziunii sociale” și administrat de Fondul Român de Dezvoltare Socială.
  • PartnersDGASPC Iasi, DGASPC Vaslui, Social Alternative Association, Save the Children Association, COTE Foundation, Bethany Foundation of Social Services, Star of Hope Romania Foundation of Iasi, World Vision Romania Foundation, offices of Iasi and Vaslui.
  • Period of implementation18 December 2014 - 30 November 2016
  • Valoare proiect3.559.231,01 lei
  • ImpactImpact Interventions carried out on multiple levels - for the beneficiaries in the countryside of the two counties (often lacking access to social services), among specialists in social assistance and educational services, by creating an interinstitutional intervention, respectively a major impact enhancing the teenagers and young people's resistance capacity when faced with risk factors due to age and social vulnerability. Likewise, the public private partnership developed within the project that will continue 5 years after the completion of the financing, will consolidate the work methodology in the network, will prepare specialists in various domains of activity, will contribute to developing policies, strategies and adequate measures in the field of services for young people at risk.