DO it for the youth!

Title: DO it for the youth! – Organisational Development starting from the grassroots! 

The project will be implemented during 11 months (15.02.2017 – 14.01.2018), being financed by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme, Key-Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals, mobility projects in the education, training and youth sectors, Mobility project for youth and youth workers, Mobility of youth workers. The total project value is 18.582 Euro.

The project is coordinated by the Close to You Foundation having as partners 8 other European organizations: YMCA – Gabrovo, Gabrovo, Bulgaria; My Dreams Come True Association, Nowy Sacz, Polonia; Association of Renaissance Institute, Ankara, Turkey;  Federation Young Men`s Christian Associations, Cluj, Romania; Institute for African Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia; YMCA Bitola, Bitola, Macedonia;  H2O – Youth Association, Arrouquelas, Portugal and Consilium Development and Training, Malvern, Great Britain.

The goal of the project is capacity building for partner NGOs to develop and put into practice their strategy of organizational development, through youth involvement (employees, volunteers and beneficiaries) in order to reach their long-term impact, on topics of interest for the young people (active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and integration on the labor market).

The main project activities are:

  • Organizing a training for 27 youth workers from 8 countries / 9 NGOs with respect to approach, methods and instruments for strategic planning for organizational development. The training will take place during June 12-18 in Romania;
  • Follow-up activities:
  • Pilot activities – each of the partner organizations, in approximately 4 months of mobility, will have to apply at least one activity described in the action plan elaborated throughout the training;
  • Organizing an online meeting during one day with the participants in the training and other members of their organization, with the goal of sharing best practices and lessons learned during the pilot activity in order to improve their strategies of organizational development.
  • Elaboration of a short electronic textbook with respect to the methods used during the training and the pilot activities for developing strategies or organizational development and dissemination to at least 5 NGOs and 5 learning institutions in each partner country.

The project aims at generating impact on three levels: organization, participants in the training, and beneficiaries of the pilot activities. The project will contribute to:

  • Further sustainability through understanding the fact that planning for organizational development is a critical component of good management;
  • Capacity to actively involve volunteers and beneficiaries in the process of strategic planning, thus increasing the relevance of their activities in the communities in which they develop their activity and the methods they use;
  • Capacity to understand the missions and the different stages of development of organizations and to create partnerships based on common needs and opportunities;
  • Use visions to establish multi-annual objectives, as well as objectives describing what the organization aims at achieving and developing: programs, actions and deadlines for achieving them;
  • Understand the needs to adapt to external changes, to continue to build partnerships at national and international level, to adapt methods in order to better answer the needs of their beneficiaries;
  • A participative approach of youth workers / volunteers for organizational development with the goal of being more motivated to get involved in field work