Services provided

Close to You Foundation is constantly providing for various types of free social, educational and employment services, resorting to an integrated approach, by applying the one-stop-shop principle.

  • In the Youth Club, over 150 children and young people from poor families, whose parents left to work abroad, with disabilities, of Roma ethnicity or coming from orphanages, are benefiting from an integrated package of social and educational services that develop their independent life skills, ensure the continuity of their education and help them overcome difficult moments related to depression, violence, abuse or other social problems. The intervention is continued in the community, through information campaigns in schools and high schools on different subjects such as: sexual education; prevention of sexually transmitted diseases; drug consumption effects; violence, abuse and trafficking of human beings etc of which over 10.000 children and young people benefit every year. There are three licensed services operating within the Youth Club: The Day Centre for disabled adult people; Counselling and information Day Centre for other people in need; The Day Centre for developing skills for an independent life. Details on www.clubultinerilor.eu
  • UtilDeco: Work Integration Social Enterprise, certified as protected establishment. It ensures additional services of social professional integration, counselling and professional guidance, workplace qualification and continuous assistance in the individual development of every employee's potential, turning disabilities into abilities. At least 40% of the permanent employees are disabled people. This concept also includes our wise.travel agency. Details on www.utildeco.ro
  • JobDirect - Employment and Work Assistance Agency: This innovative service ensures the integration of young people from vulnerable groups into the unconventional labour market by providing an integrated package of employment and social services: skill assessment and testing; counselling and professional guidance; professional qualification; internships at UtilDeco; mediation and employment on the labour market; job coaching for preserving the job for at least 6 months since employment. This service is provided every year to more than 30 young people and adults from the “difficult to employ” category. Details on www.jobdirect.ro
  • The services are financed through a combination of funds: 
    • Full reinvestment of the profit on the economic activity carried out by UtilDeco, section within Close to You Foundation. Details on utildeco.ro
    • Training Courses for the general market. Details on https://academiaadv.ro
    • People willing to redirect a part of their income taxes (2% law).
    • Companies willing to redirect a part of their income taxes (20% law). 
    • European projects (Details on the PROJECTS section)