The activity of ADV Romania Foundation is directed by the Executive Council, consisting at the moment of 5 members: Angela Achitei, president; Petrisor Ostafie, member - the beneficiaries' representative; Ana Drelea - member, the employers' representative; Ana Vasilache, honorary member and Olivia Baciu, honorary member.

Mrs Lindi Endicott had an important role in the development of the organisation between 2002-2016, having occupied the position of member in the Executive Council, as expert in HIV/AIDS. For her significant contribution and changes for the better as trainer for over 1.000 young people who have participated every year in our Summer School, for her vision and professionalism in consolidating the foundation's team and its initiated projects, for her love of people and the passion of bringing joy and hope in the hearts of young people from disadvantaged categories, we granted  the Award IN MEMORIAM for 14 years of voluntary contribution to the development of ADV Romania Foundation & UtilDeco Social Enterprise.